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Cristiano Ronaldo accused of sexual assault - Outside The Lines

What to do if accused of sexual harassment. Could You Be Accused of Sexual Harassment?

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Sexual harassment can happen to men or women. Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused Federal and state laws protect employees from harassment because of sex in the workplace. However this doesn't always happen, and if the accusations are serious, you could lose your job and your reputation over this accusal.

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This includes the workplace. The right to consent to an investigation and to see the results of the investigation do not, however, apply to investigations conducted in-house by the employer or its attorney.

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False allegations of sexual harassment and assault against high-profile individuals are a growing public concern. If that doesn't work, they need to contact the Acas Helpline before going to an employment tribunal. Miller Brewing Company: A male manager told a female co-worker about a racy Seinfeld episode.

Sometimes a Sexual Harassment Claim Is Just a Different Perspective

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Depending on the seriousness of the accusation, a company may suspend the accused person from work until the investigation is complete. Smaller but significant groups said they had experienced harassment at their middle school and college campuses.

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