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After 'SEX' Always Do These 5 Things -Health Sex Tips

What do you do after sex. 12 Things That Men Should Always Do After Sex

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Exert some calories, then refuel! Instead, use warm water and a mild fragrance-free soap to gently cleanse your vulva.

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Body fluids that stain your underwear and clothes will develop bacteria, so those clothes are probably not something you would want to wear again — toss them right into the laundry basket and pick some fresh new garments to wear. When you use soaps with fragrance, you risk irritating your sensitive privates. This also prevents bacteria from reaching the bladder, which could lead to a bladder infection. Practicing good post-coital after sex hygiene in the long run, will help you to ward off infections and germs that may create bigger health issues.

How was it for you?

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Feedback is important for most things — if constructive it can guarantee you a good time, every time. Or do you perhaps go to the bathroom? This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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If you still need more time, there are other things you can tend to first in your cleanup routine. Speak with your doctor if you notice these symptoms. Would she like another? People are more accepting to feedback in the right environment.

6. Sip some water

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Wipe down Shutterstock If lube, saliva, you name it, has you feeling less-than-fresh down there after sex, consider doing a quickie wipe down. Whether you're with a new partner or a longtime S. However, once you are through, you must have a look at it.

4. Soak in the bathtub

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