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Artie goofs on the Amy Fisher sex tape

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So weird. The tape is freaky even by modern standards — over a long minutes, Jayne gets fisted, gets toys in her butt, and has multiple very loud orgasms. The thirty minutes of black and white footage shot by a ceiling-mounted camera lets us know that the Hulkster is packing a serious python in his pants, but watching a dude this old and steroid-ravaged pump away is not fun.

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But his sex tape still got millions of views. Ditto with 1 Night in China , and the Tonya Harding video, and Kim Kardashian 's effort with Ray-J, whose sole claim to fame is that several million people have watched him fuck Kanye West's wife.

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The talentless tanorexic was all over the tabloids, so when a video of her doing the do with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was released to DVD it sold like hotcakes, winning an AVN award in the process. Eventually she got there, but when her sex tape with high school boyfriend Justin Frye surfaced we saw the other side of her. He has written for Gamelink, Kink. Taped in but leaked as part of a blackmail con, Eve lies on her back in bed while her then-paramour Stevie J works at her with a frighteningly large dildo.

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What really happened is that she hired ultra-hip dick James Deen to bang her on film and then sold the tape to Vivid herself for a cool million. One of the girls was just sixteen, and when the tape leaked Lowe was forced into rehab to save his career.

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