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August 2017

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Photo: NBC V. July 8. Paula Riggs pleaded guilty in Pulaski County Circuit Court and was sentenced to three years probation. Ruth Sylvester Marsh, 56, is a former provider of homemaker and in home support services.

We looked at specific situations that showed up in multiple shootings.

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Mountcastle announced. Kuhn, Jr. June 8. Leticia Gallarzo pleaded guilty to five counts of making false statements relating to health care today in federal court.

We found 827 people shot by police in Florida. Here’s how to browse our database.

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In February of this year, the MFCU and MCSO arrested the defendant for Medicaid fraud and grand theft related to services never rendered while subcontracted with a different at-home services provider. According to the MFCU investigation, while working at the hospital, Latavious Heard, 20, punched a disabled patient in the face, causing great bodily harm to the victim.

September 2017

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Jill Marie Spohn, 37, is a former employee of a Hillsborough County nursing home. And Stan Lee, who revolutionized the comic-book industry and inspired geeks everywhere to dream.


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