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Gay fathers condemned for raising child without 'mom': Part 1 - What Would You Do?

Topics related to same sex adoption. Challenges and Opportunities for Research on Same-Sex Relationships

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Past strategies have included working with community partners e. For example, researchers may erroneously conclude that relationship dynamics differ for same- and different-sex couples when it is in fact parental status differences between same- and different-sex couples that shape relationship dynamics.

Data and Methods: General Approaches

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Investigators certainly must continue to push for funding to include same-sex relationships in new and ongoing data collections. Indeed, as we have discussed, some research questions, measures, and sample composition issues are unique to the study of same-sex relationships and require novel approaches. Conclusion Research on same-sex relationships is in a period of intense discovery and enlightenment, and advances in the study of these relationships are sure to further our theoretical and empirical knowledge in family studies more broadly.

Gay Pride’s Choice: March in Protest or Dance Worries Away

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. For example, recent qualitative research has shown that although gender drives differences in the way individuals view emotional intimacy with women desiring more permeable boundaries between partners in both same- and different-sex contexts , gendered relational contexts drive the types of emotion work that individuals do to promote intimacy in their relationships with women with men and men with men doing more emotion work to sustain boundaries between partners; Umberson et al.

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Advances in theory and research on marriage and family are inherently shaped by the changing contours of family life over time. While traveling internationally, parental rights that stem from a judicial order are more likely to be respected than rights that come from being married if a country does not recognize your marriage. American Journal of Public Health. Moreover, many same-sex partners did not have the option of becoming parents because of barriers to adoption as well as a lack of access to or the prohibitive cost of reproductive technologies, and this unique history shapes their relationship experiences Brewster et al.

Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed

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