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Testicles rise when having sex. The Case of the Disappearing Testicle

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The cremaster muscle, a pouch that surrounds the testicles, is the likely culprit of your hiding testicle. The testicle is then moved into the scrotum. To make sure that all is well below the belt, you may want to see an urologist or a provider who specializes in men's health.

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Monitoring a retractile testicle to see if it sometimes comes down into the scrotum may help determine if the testicle is retractile rather than ascending, which can require surgery to correct the problem. At that point, the condition is called an ascending testicle or an acquired undescended testicle. In most cases, no treatment is needed for testicular retraction.

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To make sure that all is well below the belt, you may want to see an urologist or a provider who specializes in men's health. Signed, Ball in hiding?

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