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Other common reasons that women experience pain during or after sex include infection a sexually transmitted infection, for example , vaginismus, allergic reaction to condoms or lubricants, and menopause. But the conversation was always about boys, never about being sexual with girls, so I felt completely unprepared when I went to have sex with my girlfriend for the first time. I had just started the Pill and I was really afraid of getting pregnant and 'ruining my life,' which was the message I'd received growing up.

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You may have expectations of yourself, your partner, and how things should progress, but take a minute to relax. Maybe just a little more mature. I put a towel down.

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Begin Slideshow Find me a teen movie , any teen movie, and I'll show you at least one character obsessed with losing their virginity. I was scared that sex would hurt, and that fear made me more tense, so even though I was happy to be sharing that intimacy with my partner, I couldn't really relax and it hurt a bit.

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