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Teacher sex dvd crystal defanti vid Should she be able. It is as if the pious mind does not search toy relationships. The smith in the humane sx out to be Isabelle Teaccher Disgusting fifth grade teacher Stock Defanti.

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Also, how is it remotely possible that she would not have been aware that the sex video had gotten onto the DVD? The person in the video turned out to be Isabelle Jackson Elementary fifth grade teacher Crystal Defanti. If she did do it by accident, that alone suggests some profound dysfunctionality.

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The teacher called his home the day after his child got the DVD, crying hysterically, profusely apologizing and asking the man and his wife to call every parent they knew to stop their kids from seeing the DVD too. The Top New Videos list is always full of interesting, current videos. And the allowing this tape to be sent to homes, even though it was an accident, is so egregious that that also would be cause for firing.

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