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Girls who consumed a lot of media but who had religious mothers were protected against self-sexualizing, perhaps because these moms "may be more likely to model higher body-esteem and communicate values such as modesty," the authors wrote, which could mitigate the images portrayed on TV or in the movies. Beautiful sexy teens girls prepared to fuck hard, pose nudity or simply fulfill themselves with masturbation, either way, you can easily amuse yourself with insane porn pics. The power of maternal instruction during media viewing may explain why every additional hour of TV- or movie-watching actually decreased the odds by 7 percent that a girl would choose the sexy doll as popular, Starr said. She would also like to look at how fathers and the media influence boys' understanding of sexualized messages and views toward women.

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Look for alternative media. Avoid TV, movies, and magazines that promote stereotypes and outdated gender roles. The APA report, which inspired the new study, cited widespread sexualization of women in popular culture.

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