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Sex toy party games ideas. Bachelorette Party Games

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But lots of women want unconventional bachelorette parties. But what's even more exciting about this time of the year is the build-up to the weddings - and bachelor or bachelorette parties are absolutely central to all that pre-wedding fun. Now, if that's what the bachelorette wants, then that better be what the bachelorette gets.

1. Stick The Cock On The Jock

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Naughty Categories In a bowl, put pieces of paper containing categories ranging from celebrities with the sexiest behinds to kinds of condoms. While some ridiculous toys are more expensive than others, you are still asking guests to pay for something; be sure to keep that in mind when considering whether or not to implement such an activity. You can leave it at that, or incorporate some more game aspects with trivia about the movie, book, or musician, or turn it into a costume contest where the bride picks the winner. Everyone writes down the name of a famous person and sticks it on the forehead of the one on their right.

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Everyone can dress up like a character or a musician or whatever the bride likes best in her honor. Each wrong answer earns you a sip of your drink - unless you're the one getting married.

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