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Pamela Anderson

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It is however, hilariously awful and I'd like to recommend it for that very reason. As for Pamela Anderson, her character is completely detached from the main plot and the reason for shoehorning her into it is the lamest thing. In the opening scene Mace David Keith is out to bust some guy who's just jumped bail.

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So the Mayor's speech has now begun, and if he doesn't resign his position, Jenkins will release the edited book to the public. So in order to live his dream, he decides that killing Mayor David Stiles' Charles Napier daughter who was currently writing a book, adding a chapter about incest to her book then threatening Stiles that if he doesn't resign his position as Mayor in his next speech, he'll release the book to the public.

Pamela Anderson

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It is however, hilariously awful and I'd like to recommend it for that very reason. In reality this guy would have been arrested and thrown in jail to rot, here not only does he get off without so much as a slap on the wrist, the mayor has "straightened things out" with him because of this wonderful act of courage! Awful in the extreme, but manages to be unbelievably entertaining due to it's immense stupidity and terrible performances. The way this movie handles it is even worse.

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