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For them it would not be necessary that any vision should fascinate, or that any languor should soften, the prying cruelty of the eye. We worked smoothly and quickly and I could tell she was used to this kind of work. Both of us were quiet as she gathered the hay and I tied. This discovery prompted the substitution of the more accurate and encompassing term ""pheromones"" for the term ""attractants"" in the title of this edition.


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I had been working my way west in my beat up Subaru taking one day at a time, living my philosophy of no expectations when I answered an ad for a temporary farm hand on a little cattle farm just outside of a small town in Kansas. We would lift the bales into the loft later but now the hay would be dry and it was time to make another kind of hay. Her ass felt so good in my hands, so soft and luscious and somehow, the thin denim of her faded tight jeans straining on her round ass added to the sensation. While licking her pussy, I moved my mouth to her clit, put my middle finger in her tight pussy feeling it gripping my finger as I moved it in and out.

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