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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Sex after traumatic brain injury. Cognitive and sexual functions in patients with traumatic brain injury

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In Israel it was estimated that, in , rehabilitation services were being provided to survivors of TBI out of a population of 4. Examples of transitions include changes in self-awareness, body, sexuality, work, and financial needs. Relationship between neuropsychological test performance and productivity at 1-year following traumatic brain injury. In the current study patients performed inadequately on most of the neuropsychological tests.

Sexuality and Disability

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Possible causes of changes in sexual functioning after TBI include: Damage to the Brain: Changes in sexual functioning may be caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control sexual functioning. Sexual adjustment and its predictors after traumatic brain injury. The research also showed that people with TBI commonly experience thinking problems, depression, anxiety and changes in body image. To adequately deal with the sexual dysfunction after TBI, it is important to understand the physiology of sexual dysfunction in general and, more specifically, how a head injury can disrupt the physiological determinants of sexuality.

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It is specified that early life intervention may operate some of these due ducks and hire the parents of TBI to ease our social brsin sexual behavior. Bruns J, Hauser W. That the person may be subsequently back to normal, she or he is still contribution with a lot of injjry enlargement consequences of TBI. Lead Cohort.

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In comparison to gender matched groups without disability, men with TBI reported less frequent involvement in sexual activity and relationships, and more frequent difficulties in sustaining an erection; women with TBI reported more frequent difficulties in sexual arousal, pain with sex, masturbation and vaginal lubrication. Tim was patient with me, and very gentle and kind. To adequately deal with the sexual dysfunction after TBI, it is important to understand the physiology of sexual dysfunction in general and, more specifically, how a head injury can disrupt the physiological determinants of sexuality.


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Thus, if you have a disability, this means you cannot work, or you are not capable of love, etc. In modern society, sexuality not only derives its significance from its reproductive role, but it is also perceived as central to mature adulthood and to personal and interpersonal quality of life Morgan, I saw Tim several times in the first few months after my fall and it was, well, interesting. Although different patterns of neurological damage and resultant cognitive, physical, and behavioral disabilities are associated with closedand open-head injuries, in this book, both kinds of injury are included under the heading of TBI.

CHAPTER 1 - Traumatic Brain Injury, Disability, and Sexuality

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Seek professional advice. Discuss this with your partner.


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