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Transgender Male to Female Sex Change

Psychological effects of sex change surgery. Transgender surgery can improve life for most, study confirms

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This framework suggests that stigma, prejudice, and discrimination create a hostile social environment, which causes internalized transphobia and mental health problems including depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress [ 7 ]. Prior research examining the outcomes of SRS suggests that factors contributing to favorable outcomes include good social support, absence of psychopathology, good surgical results, and satisfaction with physical appearance [ 31 , 32 ].

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Zarenezhad, A. She also took care of me during my recovery. FtM, 24 I would never have been content without surgery, would never have been able to have this lifestyle and I would have been unhappy with my body.

Gender surgery improves quality of life

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This goes along with the idea that we are trying to treat superficially something that is much deeper. Arguably, the prolonged period preceding SRS experienced by our participants enabled both TS individuals and their families to more successfully adjust.

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In one case, an MtF 42 participant achieved low results on six of the SF health survey scales, which can be explained by the fact that the participant underwent SRS only three months prior to completing the questionnaire and was still dealing with various postoperative consequences. For two other participants, lower results on the quality of life questionnaire might have been due to internalized transphobia, demonstrated by their responses given later in the questionnaire as well as the results achieved on other mental health scales. Another limitation arises from the fact that one of the study authors was also the psychologist providing psychosocial counseling to all participants.

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