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Twitter and other social media sites now have a hold on young impressionable teenagers and they are all egging each other on. The GP was a disgrace and told us she would be seen within 19 weeks and would be given testosterone. In this phase of your life, you may think you understand everything and everyone—but let me assure you—you do not. SWNS Read More Oritse Williams 'forced sex on zombified fan after his concert', court hears Chan pleaded guilty to robbery, false imprisonment, possession of indecent images of a child and possession of a false immigration document.


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Help your daughter build problem-solving skills. Cannon Fodder: They used the 24 images taken of the "traumatised and upset" schoolgirl to blackmail the pair into not reporting the brutal two-hour robbery.

A Mother’s Response To Her Trans Identified Teenage Daughter

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We know the distress caused to parents and what this ideology is doing to families and we send our support to you. Choose your battles unwisely. So sometimes when you reframe an issue to a person they might just see and think differently from that point on.

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