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They could face a prison sentence of up to seven years. Her eyes wide with fascination and her mouth opened slightly as she was breathing more heavily than normal. And although staying silent was a hard task, especially in this kind of situation, she was sure she could do it. When Erica returned, Kristen heard her walking next to her on the bed.

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She said she would fight for the chance to marry her "soulmate," who is also from Odisha state. Kristen got out of bed to get into the shower, she felt gross from all the sweating she had done last night, caused by the lovemaking they had done.

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Kristen barely recovered from her first orgasm, when she felt two fingers entering her pussy again, furiously going in and out, trying to get her to cum again. They beat me up and tied me to a tree. It didn't really hurt, but did help Erica make her point. I could feel their pussies clinch around my dick, their juices flowing around my shaft.

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