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What are Prolactinomas?

L dopa prolactin and sex. Hyperprolactinaemia

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While only a certain percentage of all people suffer from prolactinomas, there is a clear tendency for almost everybody to have gradually increased levels of prolactin levels as one progresses in age. Specific diseases[ edit ] Prolactinoma or other tumours arising in or near the pituitary — such as those that cause acromegaly may block the flow of dopamine from the brain to the prolactin-secreting cells, likewise, division of the pituitary stalk or hypothalamic disease. Vitex agnus-castus extract can be tried in cases of mild hyperprolactinaemia. And there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that indeed, prolactin regulation is the key to improving many conditions of sexual dysfunction.

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Diagnosis[ edit ] A doctor will test for prolactin blood levels in women with unexplained milk secretion galactorrhea or irregular menses or infertility , and in men with impaired sexual function and milk secretion. A falsely-high measurement may occur due to the presence of the biologically-inactive macroprolactin in the serum. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI is the most sensitive test for detecting pituitary tumours and determining their size.

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These drugs include the typical antipsychotics : phenothiazines such as chlorpromazine Thorazine , and butyrophenones such as haloperidol Haldol ; atypical antipsychotics such as risperidone Risperdal and paliperidone Invega ; [4] [5] gastroprokinetic drugs used to treat gastro-oesophageal reflux and medication-induced nausea such as that from chemotherapy : metoclopramide Reglan and domperidone ; less often, alpha-methyldopa and reserpine , used to control hypertension ; and also estrogens and TRH. But what is best for mankind is not best for each and every individual.

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