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I had sex with my step son. Dear Bossip: I Slept With My Step-Son & Now His Brother Has Propositioned Me

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My husband and I love each other and are good partners in working as a team, taking care of the kids, home, work, extended family, etc. It may be that he needs more of what you offer as a stepmother -- more support, more encouragement, more clarity about his choices in the world. Step Mom, This.


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We cleared up the mess and both went upstairs for a shower. He would help clean and look after the children. You are a source of support and comfort.

He's 17, and I know it's wrong, but I think he has the hots for me, too.

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I need a heavy hand with the Vodka in my morning coffee! What follows are my personal feelings. He would cook and just be so attentive.

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