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Mehmet was a single-minded man with a voracious and perverse sexual appetite. If you do it well, you will serve me. The blindfolded, hooded slave girl crouched on the floor with her wrists still cuffed behind her back. He began to get up his nerve.

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She already was feeling cramps and her skin was crawling with goose bumps. I turn to see his eyes, dark and cool like still oasis water at midnight. She is led by a rope around her neck, like a camel. With that, Ahmet withdrew to a position about 10 feet away while Mehmet entered the room.

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She gags, forced to swallow his thick, unpleasant saliva. He was led down the hall to another much larger room, sumptuously decorated with ornate furnishings and smelling vaguely of incense. She closed her eyes tight as she swallowed the salty cum. She clicked down the walkway in between the bordered up sidewalk next to the project.


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She stumbles on, trying to stop the noose from tightening. Her blue eyes sparkling at him, he leaned forward and kissed her full lips. She also had her own toilet in her pen and was allowed to use it during her 12 hours off.

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