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Girls have sex while pergnat. What to know about sex during pregnancy

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Sexual activity won't affect your baby, as long as you don't have complications such as preterm labor or placenta problems. Check with your health care provider to see what he or she thinks is best. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.

Sex during pregnancy is usually safe.

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So what's a "normal pregnancy"? Historically, having sex during pregnancy was not thought to be a good idea at all. Many studies have concluded that vaginal sex during pregnancy has no links an increased risk of preterm labor or premature birth.

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However, you should check with your health care provider to make sure that your pregnancy falls into the low-risk category. Relationships How do men feel about sex during pregnancy? You and your partner should keep the lines of communication open regarding your sexual relationship. Of course, just because sex is safe during pregnancy doesn't mean you'll necessarily want to have it!

Sex can still be comfortable.

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Pregnancy affects people's sex drives in different ways and there is no typical response. Side by side: Another good choice for late pregnancy, this position will control thrust and keep weight off your belly. Here's what you need to know about sex during pregnancy.

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