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My head spinning and I only had eyes for this Adonis who was sharing a secret smile with me. This story is entirely fictional and a personal fantasy of mine dealing with the huge range of toys available today. I bent slightly to put down my briefcase and the hunky man used the opportunity to have a feel of my arse.

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I could hear the unmistakeable rhythm of his hand working over that huge piece of meat he owns and wanted him desperately to sink it deep inside me. I quickly dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth; the plug in my arse rubbing against my prostate every time I moved. Strong hands explored my back and sides as his powerful tongue thrust deep into my mouth. Grabbing his head with both hands I let loose a roar as wave after wave of cum exploded from my cock directly into his stomach and my whole body shivered in delight at the force of my orgasm.

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I gasped in surprise and almost cum down his talented mouth but I barely managed to control my body and settled back to enjoy the ride. He was smiling up at me and looking at his rock hard cock I realised that he had waited for me to finish before getting off himself.

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