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Before you get down to the deed, here are five critical ways to warm up. Anal sex, without the proper preparation, can be painful, risky and unpleasant.

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Talk, talk, talk You and your partner need to be able to trust each other completely before you go down this road. Placed in positions where you can see their ass while they are penetrated with sex toys, fingers and big cocks.

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The most spectacular asses are here. Always wash well with clean water and a mild soap if you must before and after anal sex, and never mix anal with vaginal or oral sex. However, as you relax and get accustomed to the sensation, you may suddenly start to experience a whole new type of pleasure that adds a new element to your sex life. Important: at this stage, your partner should be inserting only the tip of their tongue, finger, penis or sex toy.

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It takes patience, care and gentleness to create an enjoyable — or at least not terrible — first time anal sex experience for the recipient. That way, you get used to the feeling without experiencing discomfort. Watch as they move their big buttocks to provoke the desire of their partner and make them put her to enjoy by her tight anal orifice.

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