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Norway: Men and women sleep together in Norwegian Army

Female lieutenant sex five male sergeants. Ex-Sergeant Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Trainees

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Pregnancies in the gender integrated armed forces are also giving rise to problems. But race and gender are not the only concerns. In March , he engaged in sexual touching, intercourse, oral sex, kissing and personal conversations with a trainee. Some ground combat units include women, and an army commission is currently studying whether infantry, armor, and special forces should be opened to women.

Representing Witches’ Rights

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Women are now permitted to serve in more than 90 percent of military occupations, though they are still barred from jobs or units whose main mission is direct ground combat. I was only a mechanic for a year when they phased out the aircraft I was trained on, so I went into administration.

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I am now preparing to take the test to make chief petty officer — a goal that I almost gave up. As I navigated pregnancy and new motherhood, my team was supportive and embraced me as a member of their brotherhood.

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