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Miranda inadvertently sets up her crush with her interior designer and they get married five minutes later. Who wants to relive that?! We learn about this phenomenon when some jerk takes time out of modelizing to drag Miranda as his date to a dinner party, just so all of his friends get off his case about his modelizing ways. Carrie is distracted by yet another Big-related stalking mission:

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Miranda inadvertently sets up her crush with her interior designer and they get married five minutes later. Season 5, episode 5:

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Season 3, fill Pattern 1, episode 8:.

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Samantha emerges looking worse for wear, and Smith has to know what went on — but he forgives her. This happens when a show desperately wants a small, wisecracking moppet, so the show starts with a baby and then hopes nobody remembers how long ago the child was actually born. This is some pure early Sex and the City, presenting an absurd exaggeration of a very tiny corner of Manhattan lifestyle so the rest of the country can feel sorry for us while simultaneously being kind of jealous. This episode takes what could be an interesting topic — interracial relationships and how people react to them — and reduces it to stereotypes and a club fight.

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Season 4, episode Time flies! But that overarching narrative is cleverly undercut when she keeps bumping into a mysterious guy she calls Mr. Hmm, prescient?

Introducing a baby often spells trouble for shows, but sitcom could thrive

Who brethren to facilitate that. Alma substitutes chocolate for sex until she does rock bottom when she diape herself pulling chocolate cake out of the courage.

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Meanwhile, Samantha discovers that a guy she used to date is now a drag queen, impersonating Samantha. Season 3, episode 8: Sex and the City has arrived, bitches.

Secret 2, degree 7: Pleasing, Miranda and Jeff break up over honesty squabbles. Eve wears fake nipples.

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