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Papa (Father) - Cute Moments Of A Loving Father And His Daughter - Achhe Papa


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I hold her head against my chest for a few moments. And it tasted so good. The next thing I knew, I was on my back opening my eyes. It was like pain and pleasure was all mixed up.

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They had a man and his daughter at an interview. Fortunately the meeting goes well and I manage secure a new client, possibly because I am more relaxed and less uptight from my recent orgasms. He got us some glasses of soda and then pulled out the hot pizza.

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All too soon I am done and I nearly collapse on top of her in exhaustion. He threw his head back and moaned.

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We have lots of fun, actually fucking all over the house, something that her mother and I used to do before my baby girl came along and we still did even after that when we thought that knew that she was sound asleep or was going to be gone for a while. His cock sent me so high I thought I would literally die.

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