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Pepto-Bismol Associated Black Tongue

Black hairy tongue from oral sex. On call: Black hairy tongue

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Oral herpes can remain dormant for some time and become active again down the line, particularly in patients who have weakened immune systems. Normally, after making a lego tower about 5 pieces high, each subsequent piece will fall of due to instability. Although black hairy tongue is not pretty, it's not serious, either. BHT typically causes aesthetic concerns to the patient and leads to frequent physician visits.

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Originally published on Live Science. I am 67, and my only medications are Timoptic and Xalatan — drops for glaucoma. Although black hairy tongue is not pretty, it's not serious, either. But if the complaint that's "hair today" is not gone by then, ask your dentist or doctor to take a look.

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Treatment if pursued is really to address the long filiform papillae and not so much what's on it. With black hair tongue, this skinny lego tower is growing to 10 or 15 pieces high with subsequent pieces being added not easily falling off like it normally should.


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