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Fuck em. Interestingly, the celebrity searches portion of the report showed deep, expected interest in Kim Kardashian, but also YouTube gamers like SSSniperWolf. Luckily Pornhub is giving new media and its attendant tools the bear hug it deserves. They wrote: "We're sorry for our shitty non-apology yesterday, too.

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There's no justifying it. Today, YACHT just dropped their real "sex tape" on Pornhub —which features Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt giggling and cuddling in a room, before ripping off their faces for a surprise and decidedly sci-fi ending. Now that we have that covered, if you are a webmaster and would like to get your site reviewed and promoted on PornMate. Each site gets its own specific analysis and a rating based on parameters that experts in this field deeply understand.

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